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Here you will find a small, fine assortment of work tools for your health, that of your natural environment as well as the spiritual and spiritual application and development.

They are products and products that - in this or a similar form - have been and have been used by people, by cultures for many centuries; who have their "existence" and a permanent place in application, practice and effectiveness and who have found their way to us in Europe and North America over many routes and people over the past decades.

This would not have happened if, in the "modern world", there was no longer a screaming need for practical spirituality, restoration of ecological processes and balance, and more personal responsibility for personal health and development.

It is particularly gratifying that this need for change and development can be felt and observed across all societies and is not reserved for just a few "pioneers, spinners or eco-apostles", as it has long been described.

At the latest with the phenomena of global climate change and with increasing risk of infection due to epidemics / pandemics, we are all concerned and asked to check which lifestyles, views and thoughts (patterns) are outdated, used, too selfish or also destructive and how or where and in which cultures - perhaps for a long time - there is help and possible solutions. We may not be used to some of them in their appearance or handling, or they may seem strange to us, but our technological products often do the same to ordinary people.

Briefly about myself ...

As is so often the case, it is painful or difficult life situations and experiences that lead one to deal more intensively with oneself and with different possibilities and techniques of healing. It is no different for me than so many people.

I personally draw from over 20 years of experience in healing and transformation work as well as various Far Eastern and indigenous approaches and methods. I have integrated a lot of it into my everyday life, a lot was "not exactly mine" and often you forget something and something new comes instead. A good development path does not end after the first hurdles have been overcome.

Our wonderful home planet, the earth, Gaia, was and is always a challenging and excellent teacher and healer with her many impulses, impressions and inspirations for growth and lifestyle.

Concentration during Agnihotra Ceremony

So she deserves the company logo.

Kassiopeia Südburgenland is therefore concerned to make one or the other useful and proven product that you find here available to more people. Of course, this should not and cannot be a promise, but wonderful experiences are indeed possible, often, of course, only with the appropriate handling and practice ... as always in life.

You will find sets for (natural) rituals (Pujas / Poojas) and Vedic fire ceremonies (Agnihotra), ghee lights (Diyas), Shiva Lingam, as well as appropriate accessories and literature ... as well as simple but effective products for promoting and Maintaining their health (e.g. from TCM).

I hope you enjoy browsing and the best of health!

Björn Hentschel Draganov